From Our Classrooms to Our Nurses

LOGO by Richard N. RagnoPhoto by Lauris Rozentals on Unsplash

From Our Classrooms

to Our Nurses:

American Schools Care

Attention Educators, we need your help!

Teachers are continuing to do what they do best by making sure their students are able to access learning during this difficult time.

Nurses need help doing what they do best: taking care of our students, families, friends, neighbors.

Our area hospitals are experiencing a shortage of disinfectant wipes. We are asking area schools to re-donate the wipes that were donated to their classrooms at the start of the school year. These precious wipes will be used to clean medical equipment, desks, and areas that patients are frequenting. Our Nurses are being called to service, and we have the opportunity to help them.

Please help our community!

Use the tabs at the top of the page to either donate or receive disinfectant wipes.

Any questions email