Schools Helping to WIPEout COVID-19

Thank you Indialantic Elementary!

Your wipes helped Palm Bay Hospital TCU Nurses and Respiratory Nurses! It is because of you this initiative began.

Thank You Brevard School District

for all of the disinfectant wipes your schools combined donated.

600+ containers of wipes to FOUR area hospitals! WOW!

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

Thank you Steele Elementary School, Denver Colorado! A special thanks to Brittani Bluhm for spearheading this effort.

This project all happened because Carla Meza BSN,RN (far left), a charge nurse at Palm Bay Hospital, told her son's teacher she needed disinfectant wipes. In 3 days she received 75 containers of wipes. Less than 2 weeks later, Brevard Schools district donated 600+ containers of wipes to 4 area hospitals. (See picture below.)

Also pictured are the hardworking and dedicated nightshift staff from the TCU!

*Not all staff were donning masks because at that time it was not mandatory on all of the units. Two days later, all units were required to wear masks.

The delivery of over 600 disinfectant wipes, donated from Brevard School District to Health First Distribution Center. These precious wipes will be placed in the Respiratory Units of 4 area hospitals..

Ms. Meza volunteered to go into the COVID-19 unit at her hospital. The left picture is what she must wear outside of a patient's room, 14 hours a day. The picture to the right is what she must wear when with a patient.